Dental Forcep 88R

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Dental Forceps 88r Molar Tooth Extracting Surgical Stainless Steel Instruments

  •     Premium AISI 420 German Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship.
  •     Extraction Forceps 88R: Main Function is to remove teeth from bony socket. Suitable for Maxillary Left First and Second Molars. Presidential Forceps for 1st and Upper 2nd Molars. Split beak for engaging palatal root.
  •     Bayonet design. Each beak has different design to adapt to the maxillary molar roots that differ anatomically on the facial and lingual. Beak with one projection contours to bifurcation of mesial–buccal and distal–buccal roots. Beak with two projections contours to lingual root.
  •     Tooth extracting forceps are used to extract tooth, designed for use in specific areas of the mouth. The beak is shaped to conform snugly to the contour of the tooth. This makes it easier to reach different teeth effectively. Dental Forceps handles are shaped so that a maximum amount of force can be applied to the beaks, while the handles are still in a comfortable position for the oral surgeon.
  •     Extraction forceps are ideal for extracting teeth from the alveolar bone. All hinged instruments should be cleaned and sterilized in an open position.
  •     Forceps are dental instruments used to retract tissues and facilitate suturing, grasping objects and holding them securely. Forceps come in different shapes, angles and sizes each style is designed for specific purposes. Extraction forceps are hinged and used to remove teeth in one piece with the crown and root intact.
  •     Non Slip Grip Premium Quality Handle.
  •     Polish to high Standard Finish.
  •     Fully guaranteed against defect in material and workmanship.
  •     Manufactured from High Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel.
  •     High Degree of Precision and Flexibility while conducting the Clinical Procedure.
  •     High Degree of Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistance.
  •     Product fully conformed to CE marked, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA Standards.

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Dental Forcep 88R

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