Helpful 4 Points had an Amazing Results about patient loyalty.

Helpful 4 Points had an Amazing Results about patient loyalty.

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Helpful 4 Points who’s had an Amazing Results about patient loyalty.   Reading time: 10 minutes   In this blog you come to know how good customer...
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Helpful 4 Points had an Amazing Results about patient loyalty.

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Helpful 4 Points who’s had an Amazing Results about patient loyalty.


Reading time: 10 minutes


In this blog you come to know how good customer experience impact your customer loyalty


In many ways your dental patients become your regular customer the more satisfy they are the more loyal they become and try to experience more procedures related to tooth care and the reference made by the loyal customer to their friend or family member might be last longer because their loved one already experience those procedures by you.


Dental professional see the experience their patient got from their prospective that’s why the make the chair, tools and waiting area as much relaxing as they can according to their choices but they should take their patient prospective too by following the steps mention below.


Most of the time patient came with discomfort and sense of fear in dental clinic so the comfort and welcoming environment plays very significant role in this industry.


Here are some key point which gave you dramatic positive results:


1) It’s good to know your patient personally:


Dental practices should struggle for the Four Seasons level of personalized attention, dental business coach Imtiaz Manji writes. Your patients will remember it when you are “committed to delivering the best experience you can for that particular person.”


No one wants to feel like just another patient being processed through your practice like a car through a carwash. Try to learn things about each patient that has nothing to do with their teeth. Write it down to help you remember those things.


When you see your patients as individuals, it will come through in your actions and treatment plans. Patients will be more likely to trust your judgment and less likely to switch over to the next practice that mails them a coupon.


How to make it happen, simple solution is to write note by hand on the patient file in your record and make your assistant bring this file along with the patient when he/she make a visit. Anything like sports, hobbies, business etc. which helps you to analize the behaviour and nature of customer about your patient which also makes their trip easier and comfortable to be treated by you.


2) Use tools that work faster and make is easy for consultant to handle and take care:


As non-clinicians, patients may not always be able to tell the difference between a workmanlike filling and a masterpiece. They do notice, however, how long their appointments last and how much discomfort they must tolerate.


You don’t want to rush through your work, but your patients will appreciate anything your practice does to get them in and out of the chair faster. Technology is your friend here. For example, in PREMIUMINSTRUMENTS our R&D department work 24/7 to find new and more functional instruments to make your procedures as much efficient as it can. We specifically work on new technologies like rust proofing and sterilization friendly technology, our customer service can provide you any detail of our instruments at any time we just try to make a healthy environment for both doctors and patient. We strongly took notice of any suggestion/complaints about instrument just to make the instruments more efficient.


3) Make online scheduling:


Let’s face it, the younger generation isn’t known for being good on the phone. Dental appointments provoke enough anxiety without forcing your patients through an awkward phone conversation For decades, dental practices have scheduled appointments with patients in two ways: on their way out the door and over the phone.


According to a Patient Pop survey, nearly 42% of patients would prefer to schedule healthcare appointments online or via mobile app. reminders by email or text.


So try to focus on technology and make proper streamline process which help your patient to be more engaged with you.


4) Try to be vocal about procedure (Explain WHY):


Your practice should never justify follow-up appointments, expensive procedures, or oral hygiene recommendations with a glorified version of “because I said so.”


Patients put a lot of money, time and (from their perspective) suffering into their dental visits. If you want them to invest even more, you need to explain clearly about the procedure in a layman language which helps the patient to prepare itself.


Walking a Mile in Your Patients’ Shoes/ Suggestions


There are plenty of other ways you can improve the patient experience, few of them are mention below.


  • Updating your waiting room with Wi-Fi and charging ports to letting patients play their own music on their smartphones.
  • Make a form on the reception and make your receptionist help the patient to fill up this form and after procedure write something with hand about the patient which help you to remind the talk you have with your patient in the last appointment.
  • It’s also better to write a blog on every procedure and before any procedure makes your patient to read those blogs by giving them the link of your blog in which you mention all the precautions, possible difficulties, time line of procedure recovery and possible complications. And also after the procedure if possible gets their thoughts about the real procedure and detail mention in the blog and also updating the specific blog according to the feedback you got. Its only one time investment of your time which help you for the rest of your life.
  • Try to make a video about the cleanliness of your instruments and procedures, you adopt to sterilize the instruments. And make it play on waiting area to make your patient feel relax about their health. We in PREMIUM INSTRUMENTS have a detail instructions about Sterilization of our instruments if you need message us while making a purchase we will also send you those. We put lots of work, time and money to make this process more efficient for patient and also less time and cost consuming for Doctors.
  • Also put suggestion note on the waiting area to get suggestions.
  • It’s better to compile a list of similar procedures patients at same dates which also help you to check them more efficiently and also help your patient to discuss their procedures with each other and share their thoughts about you and clinic.
  • Try to use Blue, Green and Pink colors in your clinic because they have stress reducing and relaxing effects.


The important thing, however, is that you never forget patients see your practice much differently from you and your colleagues. If you want patients to become loyal fans, you need to understand their perspectives too.


Try to follow those points and if you need any further help gave us a call. Also not forget to visit our website and had dental instruments with confidence from our online stores.


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